Canadian Wake Park Championships

July 27th & 28th – A good time was had by all that attended the Wake Park Nationals at Pointes Wake Park, just outside of Montreal, Quebec.  The Pointes crew put on a great competition and their hospitality was amazing, allowing us Ontario travellers to crash onsite.  Yan Tibo and his pointes crew have really stepped up on what the park offers.  Being one of the only full cable parks in Canada, their set up was unique and fun, offering a park made for all riding experience levels.

For $37, you can ride the entire day, and it cant get better than that. Off the dock, Pointes Wake park offers two kickers (heels and toes), Firecracker Stair set, a pole jam wedge and a kink rail.  On the far side, 2 flat rails with Creeper ledges, the Nico Rail and small flat bar.

If you can make some time, its worth a visit with the crew at Pointes.  If you were unable to make it to Nationals, check out the gallery below and see what you missed

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