In conversation with – Michela Phillips

The last time we saw each other, was at the 2014 Wake Nationals in Bala, Ontario. A year and a bit has gone by, and a whole lot has changed since then, and you have really come up as a Canadian rider to watch. You have been focusing on your riding, on Cable and boat by travelling the world and visiting as many wake parks as possible, not to mention competing out there on the road.


MC: Name, years riding, board and bindings of choice

Michela:  My name is Michela Phillips, and I started wakeboarding 6 years ago behind the boat where I began to take it more seriously and started to cable wakeboarding 4 years ago. My shred stick on the cable is the Ronix Kinetic Project size small with Frank boots and the Limelight size 136 on the boat with Frank boots.

MC: What’s your home town and where are you calling home now? Where are you?

Michela:  My hometown is North Vancouver, BC and at the moment I don’t have a home, I’m traveling around Asia from Bangkok to Phuket to Naga. Right now I’m at Camsur Watersports Complex for a couple of weeks before I go back to Bangkok and then back home.

MC: Do you remember the first time you rode a wakeboard? What was it about the experience that had you wanting more?

Michela:  When I first tried wakeboarding I was 4 years old and I remember my Dad holding my board straight off the back of the boat, it was so much fun. I only really started loving wakeboarding when I was 15 when I entered my first contest at Sproat Lake, BC.

MC: You’ve been riding for a long time, after all these years, what inspires you to get out there and try new tricks?

Michela:  I really have so much fun wakeboarding. The feeling of each trick is so unique and good in its own way. I often get bored of doing the same thing over an over, so this drives me to find a new good feeling with new tricks. I think once you stop having fun, you stop learning and progressing, so having fun and being silly is the #1 most important thing for me.


MC: What does wakeboarding or the Canadian Wakeboard/Wakeskate scene mean to you?

Michela:  The Canadian scene is what made me fall in love with the sport. I love the community that we’ve all created and I’m a part of. No matter where I go in the world, being home and riding with Canadian riders tops it all.

MC: Who’s your favorite rider to watch ride right now? And why?

Michela:  My favorite rider to watch right now is Julia Rick. She is the most inspirational woman; I have so much respect for her because of how far she has pushed the sport and where she continues to push it. It’s amazing to see what females are capable of and it inspires me to push myself.


MC: Over the past year, you’ve been traveling a bunch domestically and internationally, Where has been you favorite place to visit and why?

Michela:  This question is so hard to answer because everything has something special to offer, but I think that Phuket has been the best for me in this past year. It has 3 wake parks, the most beautiful beaches, and good food, it really has the whole package.

MC: Last year, you got a bunch of new tricks under your belt, what’s your fav trick right now? And what tricks do you have your sights on in 2016?

Michela:  I think my favorite trick right now would be roll to blind as a flat trick. I have so many tricks I would like to learn this year including inside back mob off the water and toe side back side 720.

MC: You had a pretty successful year in wakeboarding, What do you feel was your biggest accomplishment or highlight of the year?

Michela:  My biggest accomplishment would probably be standing on the podium behind Julia Rick at the last stop of the Wake Park World Series in December.

MC: So, we are in 2016 now. What do you have your sights on in 2016? What are your goals? On and off the water?

Michela:  Well this year I really want to push to be the best rider that I can be, and doing whatever it takes to get there. I have goals to attend many pro contests this year as well as IWWF worlds in Mexico. Off the water I want to be an inspiration to young females in sport and to help motivate and encourage young women to have confidence and belief in themselves.

MC: In the winter months/ wakeboarding off seasons, what do you spending your time doing? Or enjoy doing?

Michela: When I’m not wakeboarding I love to stay active, hiking mostly, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle with cooking and self-development. I enjoy taking online courses and finding new crafts to do. I also work as a barista and love doing it!

MC: To keep up with the Wakeboard scene these days, not only do you need to be training on the water, but off the water as well. What are you doing off the water to stay in shape and healthy?

Michela: When I’m at home I have the opportunity to train at Level 10 Fitness where they provide me with an amazing training facility and an awesome atmosphere. I also occasionally do personal training where my trainer specializes my workouts for injury prevention. When I’m traveling I do more simple bodyweight exercises with lots of stretching and rolling.


MC: Who is the most influential person in your life right now?

Michela: My dad is and will probably always be the most influential person in my life. I respect his opinion more than anyone else’s and I know he is always trying to do the best for me.

MC: For someone out there looking to move up in the ranks in the Wakeboarding scene, what advise can you give them?

Michela:  My advice would be to fully immerse yourself with wakeboarding. This means constantly watching wakeboard videos, traveling to get in with the right crowd to get your name out there, and really just trying something new everyday.


Alright, 5 questions about you;

MC: Favorite song on my Ipod right now is?

Michela: My favorite song right now is Slow Down Sister by Lady Antebellum

MC: What’s one thing you cant live without on a daily basis?

Michela: My watch! I always have it on my wrist, I feel naked without it. I even wear it on the water most of the time.

MC: I have 99 problems but _____ aint one!

Michela:  Good times, I have no shortage of good times and feeling young, wild, and free!!

MC: With all of my travelling, I miss ________ when Im not home.

Michela: After all of this traveling, I miss my puppies the most. A close second would be normal food!

MC: Chocolate or Vanilla? You gotta have a fav, which is it?

Michela: Chocolate hands down. I couldn’t imagine my life without chocolate!

MC: Thanks for chatting with me… here’s your chance to say anything you wanna say.  Shout outs! Any Last words?

Michela:  I just wanted to thank my sponsors Rip Curl Canada, Ronix Wakeboards and my supporters from my Go Fund Me campaign, Sandbox Land, and Level 10 Fitness. Without the help of all of these people, I could never be where I am today, I am forever grateful!

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